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Maison Du Bon

I first visited Paris when I was 10 years old.

It was the middle of winter, and the air cut through the skin like ice. The sort of coldness that one would ordinarily need to bat away, with a warm, fluffy blanket or a steaming cup of cocoa. Yet, surprisingly, it was the one place where the coldness did not bother me – all one had to do was look up, and any hint of it would immediately vanish. The beauty of the place, in all its history and intimate splendour, was enough to take one’s breath away. In an instant, I had fallen in love with the city.

And oh, let me tell you about the food.

French food isn’t all about haute cuisine and fine dining – the kind we often associate with in French establishments in Melbourne. It was in the simplest of things that I found peace. From the freshly cut baguettes, to the gorgeous croque monsieurs, to the fresh smell of croissants in the morning. The difference was in the ingredients, techniques, and the passionate producers who stood proudly behind them. On return to Melbourne, I longed to have access to the same quality of French produce, yet couldn’t justify the expense of shipping each item over.

And so I was absolutely delighted to be introduced to Maison Du Bon – a web-based team which specialises in sourcing and locating the finest French products, and then shipping them straight to your door in the most delightful packaging. Started by Alexia and Patrick, two lovers of fine food, Maison Du Bon’s team take the time to meet with each of the French artisans and producers and select only the best of the best.


Our box, aptly named the ‘PARIS’ gift box (view here:, came with the most delectable chestnut and pear jam that one would undeniably struggle to find elsewhere (perfect paired with a crusty, warm baguette or even paired with cheese), and the quaintest pot of Parisian honey (with a delicate Eiffel Tower charm in tow). Absolutely delightful, and each a testament to fine French produce. I am also enamored with the ‘LE GOUTER’ gift box, which comes complete with a baking mix for madeleines.

Whether you’re treating yourself or a special person, these are designed to delight and inspire. With free shipping and quality, well-thought-out items, it’s an easy fix for gifting. Head to for more details.

This article was sponsored by Maison Du Bon.

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