Glenfiddich Artists in Residence Prize

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Glenfiddich Artists in Residence Prize
No Vacancy Gallery – QV, 34-40 Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne
Contact: 9663 3798

Glenfiddich is showing the finalists of their Artist in residence prize right now. As well as work from previous winner Joan Ross, it features the works of the artists vying for a three month residency at the Single Malt Whiskey maker’s Dufftown Distillery in Scotland.



In amidst the artistry, we were privileged enough to try some of Glenfiddich’s latest creations due to be launched soon. We were at the bleeding edge of Whiskey to bring you the latest. It can sometimes be a tough job!

Their ‘IPA Experiment’ features final finishing in Oak barrels that were previously housing Speyside Brewery’s fruity IPA. The finish is bright and punchy as you’d expect, adding a great front to mid palette zing to the complex Speyside peatiness.


The Other is ‘Project XX’. Like a bunch of mad scientists, an eclectic bunch of professionals from industries like Coffee, Chemistry and the like were let loose inside the distillery to try and taste the breadth of their vintages, also a tough job! The favourites were mixed to create a deep, complex whiskey that straddles the lines between single note finesse and complex harmony.


Drop by the Gallery until the 13th of November.

The Whiskeys will be at your best cellars soon. They’re both familial as well as being avantgarde, which is quite a feat. Buy two to keep, two to drink as they’re sure to disappear off the shelves.








The Food Society supped as a guest of Glenfiddich.

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