Clique Photography – Shoot the Chef Exhibition 2016

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Shoot the Chef
Crown Casino Riverwalk, Southbank, Melbourne (outside Nobu)

Clique, a large workshop and photography community are sharing their finalists and winners along the riverside as part of good food month. I was privileged enough to attend one of their workshops, presented by Fairfax and Epicure Photographer Eddie Jim.


Eddie spent hours walking the group through his process for a shoot with famed Executive Head Chef Ashley Palmer-Watts from Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. You may also recognise him from Masterchef.



The event was well paced, with plenty of time for questions through the process and time to meet everyone as well as partake in the shoot, complete with Will, another Fairfax photographer helping tame the hard lighting in the crisp midday sun.

Ashley cooked up some signature dishes, including the famed meat fruit dish. So that deceptively plump looking mandarin in what looks like a still life shot from a painting class is in fact a chicken parfait with a mandarin jelly.



Nikon were also good enough to provide some demo units, so I was able to get to grips with the new D500 which is their flagship crop sensor body and 40mm macro lens. The Camera was fast and smooth with inky blacks and a trademark slightly cool colour cast. (in comparison to Canon’s slightly warmer tone) The results were punchy, with a fine pepper grain texture and bags to detail in the depths of the shadows, owing to the massively better dynamic range Nikon seems to pull out of their pixels.

The 40mm F2.8G Macro lens was a great food and closeup lens. It had a great bokeh rendering and nice even sharpness devoid of fringing, chromatic aberration and any sign of a vignette.



The workshop was great with real in depth teaching from a top professional photographer of a top chef. I’d highly recommend looking at their future events.
Joining the photography club is free, and there are monthly competitions, with the Shoot the Chef competition being Septembers.





The Food Society attended as a guest of Nikon and Clique.

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