Chadstone Dining Terrace

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Chadstone Dining Terrace
Location: 1341 Dandenong Road, Chadstone Shopping Centre, Chadstone, 3148
Restaurants visited: Mama’s Buoi, New Shanghai, Marae Izakaya, Burger Project, Mezz
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T & I arrived scrambling, straight from work to the Dining Terrace at Chadstone. With The Burger Project taking pride of place at the far end, the whole dining terrace area at Chadstone was now complete. We’d missed entrees at Woodstock and Fonda Mexican, rolling straight into Mama’s Buoi. From here we bounced from crunchy coconut prawns and betel leaf beef to xiao long bao at New Shanghai, freshly seared and smoked Salmon at Mare Izakaya to burgers and sundaes at Burger project, finishing with mini desserts at Mezz.

In the smattering of food we experienced, we had tasted the breadth of (most of) the terrace dining area. Whether it be falling into a comfy chair in an English garden for tea and petit fours after a big spree, or tearing into drinks and share plates there is a place for every taste at every time of the day. Well worth stopping by and staying on, or perhaps pausing to recharge.

Mama’s Buoi

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New Shanghai

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Marae Izakaya

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Burger Project

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Mezz Kitchen and Bar

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